Edinburgh Living History – Upcoming Events for 2021

For the time being we've gone online - see the homepage for links to our recent performances.

Online events

Sunday 6 June         
Supporting the War Effort 1916. A committee of locals are planning some events to raise money to support the conduct of the war; but they are unsure what will be the most effective way to do this. Eavesdrop on their discussions and hear what they feel about how the conflict is progressing.

This event will be streamed online. You don't need a Facebook account or to register; just join us on the day on Lauriston Castle's Facebook page.

Possible live events in 2021 are shown below, if conditions allow - check back for more information.

Events at Lauriston Castle

Sunday 5 September
2pm; 3pm
A Fairley Interesting Look at Lauriston 1923. Mrs Reid, now a widow, lives a secluded life with her housekeeper Mrs Mackay. Her steward and friend, John Fairley, who is proposing to write a book about the history of Lauriston, joins them to reflect on the many interesting people connected with the house and estate.
Sunday 5 December
2pm; 3pm
An Edwardian Christmas 1910. There are conflicting views on the creeping commercialisation of Christmas and the English effect on the Protestant values of the Scottish people. However, all family and staff come together to enjoy the season.